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Thanks for everything. We recommended your project to many of the Obermayer family

HJC Simmern

WHO IS IT FOR        Seminars, Schools, groups- up to 15 participants, ages 16 and up

DURATION                 2-4 hours

WHERE                        At the institution

ADDED VALUE         Photography skills improvment, creativity, originality, expression, fresh dialog, original learning

In this workshop, held in various institutions and schools, in Israel and abroad, we dive into our memories, using our cell phones which may provide insights through iconic and original images, provoking fresh understanding, both in photography and history as it can be seen from different points of view. 

Using photography as a tool for observation, we get to re-examine the past through contemporary times using physical monuments and imagination, in which we open the old dialog from a fresh starting point.


So few images, so many stories, let's bring stories to life!

Experiencing photographic creative assignments, using it as a platform for dialogue and discussion.




 Hameyasdim 94 st. Karkur, Israel

(+972) 054 655 77 08

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