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Thank you very much for the fun and educational activity yesterday,
It was very successful! Thanks for the link, we highly recommend it.

Yael S.
Project Management
Edwards Lifesciences (Israel) Ltd.

WHO IS IT FOR      Any kind of group- up to 15 participants

DURATION                2-3 hours 

WHERE                        Indoors or Outdoors, on any location of choice

WHAT                           Know my colleagues | Who's job is it anyway | Timing is everything |  Time 4 fun 

Companies need to refresh, to recharge.

There is something very limiting in meeting daily by the printer...or the coffee machine...

Creative minds need fresh experiences and new adventures are required, to depthen the mutual path they are all walking together, sometimes for years.

In this workshop, while taking photos - the team gets to experience the importance of interpersonal communication, decision making, the teams get to work on better explaining their role in the company, get to understand the different points of view, exercise their customer deliverability timing, and all this while learning to use their mobile phone cameras better and understanding what to look for to make a more compelling photograph!

In this original workshop, we will be using materials and artifacts developed throughout years of 

on-going development and evolution.

This is a fun way to get your team motivated, and the bonus is - they get to take their newly acquired skills and knowledge home with them!


Take a refreshing break with your team, let them get in touch with some fun challenges and exercises, This workshop, delivered either in English or Hebrew, guarantees fun and laughter in a dynamic scenario!




 Hameyasdim 94 st. Karkur, Israel

(+972) 054 655 77 08

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