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Champ! Thank you Alloni, it was wonderful and fun and experiential and everyone had fun and enjoyed it!!
Happy holidays !!!!

Dana S.
Shvilim Democratic School, Staf

WHO IS IT FOR         Organic groups- up to 20 participants, ages 10 and up

DURATION                  2-3 hours

WHERE                         Indoors, at a location of choice- a darken meeting room or a class

ADDED VALUES       Creativity, coordination, team work, quality time, time management

Discover your teammates and peers in Coordination challenges, they never thought were possible to do in time! With fun Exercises and challenges which make everyone laugh out loud, discover your creativity and others in moments you might discover you need them most!

A great way to celebrate the holiday of lights - Christmas, Hanukkah or any day of the week! Great time out with colorful festive results!

No skills needed, this work shop is delivered in English or Hebrew — come have some laughs!

This fun workshop is perfect for company teams and small groups, seeking a creative break and a refreshing boost to their interpersonal dynamics and performances.


What a fun way to discover your classmates and working peer's timing and coordination abilities with fun exercises and challenges which make everyone engage in laughter!




 Hameyasdim 94 st. Karkur, Israel

(+972) 054 655 77 08

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