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Allon is a gracious teacher. His multifaceted personality and his broad interests allow him to teach many and varied subjects through the lens of photography and he does so with a skill that borders with art.

Claudia A.
Educational counselor, Rupin School For Gifted Children

WHO IS IT FOR       Kids and Youth, ages 10 and up

DURATION                2-3 hours up to-12 sessions total

WHERE                       Indoors, in a class, with an option to go outside to a yard or court

ADDED VALUES     Photography skills improvment, creativity, originality, expression, communication skills, individualism

Photography is language, visual communication, and since the kids hold their phone nearby anyway, it is a good idea to help them learn how to “talk” with it too.

What makes a photo ‘tick’? Why do some photos seem to look prettier than others? How can we improve our photographic skills and boost our photos?

What does noise reduction have to do with mindfulness?

With over 15 years of experience, the course is always customized and adjusted to different age groups and audiences.

In this course we learn through fun and challenging exercises, practicing the basics guidelines of composition, framing, and light, leaving us enough time for editing and more!


Dive right into fun phone photography exercises and discover how to make your photos look even better!




 Hameyasdim 94 st. Karkur, Israel

(+972) 054 655 77 08

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