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010~ My next Image is just one big misunderstanding!

Updated: Mar 20

I started thinking back to see how far I can remember any of those 100% unquestionable facts that 'helped' shape my biased perception with 'home-made' associations of events that haven't occurred, and which have been appropriated, or rather drafted, in the holy task to NEVER FORGET...

I look at the following images with a lot of compassion, as one should when dealing with childhood imagination...

The first one would be of a monument I used to see whenever we headed to Tel Aviv.

It was a big chunk of marble inserted in the ground, on top of which came a metal construction of 6 wavy circles, on which further marble continued up to the sky.

I remember sitting in my parents' back seat in the car, waiting to see it appear.

To me, looking at this great monument meant the obvious: This sculpture represents the Jewish People's history from the past to the present!

Starting from the initial beginning, facing almost complete annihilation during World War II, with 6 million perishing on European soil, "WE" prevailed and moved on from the dark days of the Holocaust onwards, as the monument clearly shows - the hard sturdy pure white marble was shaken but then resurrected from those 6 circles and moves on towards the future, stronger than ever...

The wrong memorial...

Well, that was the great story I told myself...

When this memory came up as a key story, I looked to check it up and discovered it is a monument commemorating a terror attack that was executed on a public bus during its journey along the coastline. It wounded some and killed 35 people, 9 of whom were children, and it wounded 75 more. All these people were unfortunate to come across the loathsome killers on their way to the road ambush and on the road at the time of the shooting.

This terror attack, with all its devious plan, has traumatized young Israel and was another milestone in the never-ending hostilities inflicted upon this little nation.

I only discovered the terrible truth about the matter around 2010. It was a small jaw-dropper, a terrible tragedy, but not within the patriotic scope I was aiming for.

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