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016~ The day I met Hitler in the Shower

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

The Hitler style tap for the late 70's

Here are a few more associations...

After a long day's work, years before I even studied photography, while renovating a flat in Tel Aviv, I stepped into the shower. I was startled by the tap, as its resemblance to the iconic Feurer was uncanny! I had to step back out and grab my pocket camera just to capture this association trigger quickly.

Years later, I learned that there is a trend of "finding Hitler in various objects." One famous example was this kettle.

(Note: "Feurer" is likely a reference to the German photographer Hans Feurer, but without further context, it's unclear what is being referred to specifically. Please double-check the intended meaning.)

Hitler as a kettle (Kitler?)

I guess I wasn't the only one toying with Hitler in the fact Lee Miller did it bigger and better.

Lee Miller in Hitler’s Bathtub

By Fiona Macdonald 21st October 2014

A photographer for Life magazine, Scherman became Miller’s mentor, and the pair gained a reputation for being the first on the scene. With soldiers of the 45th division, in April 1945 they discovered Hitler’s Munich apartment – where Scherman captured the iconic bathtub shot. “Lee took a leisurely, overdue bath in Hitler’s tub while an angry lieutenant of the 45th, soap in hand, beat on the locked door outside.” They also accompanied the first Allied troops to see Hitler’s Alpine retreat in Berchtesgaden.

According to Penrose, the bathroom portrait was a loaded image. He told The Telegraph: “I think she was sticking two fingers up at Hitler. On the floor are her boots, covered with the filth of Dachau, which she has trodden all over Hitler’s bathroom floor. She is saying she is the victor.”

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