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033 ~ “We must enhance the light, not fight the darkness.” A.D. Gordon

A.D. Gordon's quote resonates deeply as I contemplate returning to my blog after enduring five months of turmoil, chaos, and horror in our region.

Despite the challenges we're facing, I find it essential to take a step back, look around, and continue my effort in making sense of things my least for myself.

While Gordon's analogy of light versus dark is familiar, I find that the human behavior is far more nuanced. Gordon's message ignores this complexity, by dividing individuals either as constructive or destructive, ignoring the fact that these personal traits depend on specific and personal circumstances. This fluidity presents challenges, especially when dealing with individuals who embody both aspects simultaneously.

A nation, unlike the way Gordon describes it, isn't just a case of light (people are) or of darkness (people are not) - it consists of groups, some bigger than others, and some real small minorities. The way I see it - "Dark" would be a deserted area, with no people at all, that way the idea behind his allegory goes sour...

All the groups together constitute the general 'color' of the society as a whole. Israel (or Gaza, or any place populated area for that matter) consists of different groups of people.

If we simply apply Gordons idea - what would the world look like if, for instance if we project a strong RED light?

Even though It would still be light...would the world be a better place just because it is not DARK? I don't think so...

The Soup Nazi Bowl

Ever since my first visit to Berlin back in 2008 I've been photographing thoughts and questioning the larger scale of events trying to put things in proportion, using photography as a mechanism or filter to funnel the information through.

But history seems to repeat itself faster than I could put my thoughts in writing...and last year, December 29th 2022 - was when I realized I must share my insights and began this long awaited blog. I remember visiting Berlin, knowing we are heading for a climax in this ongoing disaster, convinced that 'Bibi' will stop at nothing. It was easy to know that he will stop at nothing including a regional war which would be a great diversion for him and his crimes, but to feel it with all 5 senses is a whole different thing. Horrific.

I have been witnessing our nation struggling for some time, more so in the past 18 months, and in the past 5 months we've reached a horrifying peak, with fanatics pushing this beautiful country down to the pits. lost for words? not really just too busy trying to rationalise the irrational.

So let me try harnessing the photographic (or rather physical) philosophy to the burning matters of this troubled region

It was Sir Isaac Newton to realise that the white light consists of the three primer light-colors: Red Green and Blue and I find that the answer to this problem is in the combination of the two great minds...

Yes - one has to deal with the light and not the dark but then also one must deal with the light's Primer color components (Red, Green and Blue) finding the right balance of all three to blend into one strong WHITE light.

Through some technical and cynical glitch, Benjamin Netanyahu has joined forces with radical faschists, and with less than 20% of the population, has changed the tint (or color) of the whole country. and yes - I think it is tinted to Red and sad Blue. We need to add Green to receive the full spectrum!

Finding the right balance, understanding we all are different and if we see ourselves all as minorities, allow all the colors to shine equally - thus reaching the white light!

A healthy society needs to enable the freedom of the diverse expression of ideologies and pluralism - to shine in a glowing glorified white.

In photography it is called "Color Correction" - if all there Primer colors are with the same

intensity, we will get a balanced white light (I different shades of gray...but let's not go into those details no...) - a perfectly balanced society.

I hope I managed to be clear...maybe this clip can do it better than me:

Here is a quick illustration just to show - There is no white light!


  Good luck to us all! 🌈

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