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038~Blog (H)epilogue !

That's it!

I realised my slowdown.

I know the war has shifted a lot of everything we did before, and new priorities have risen.

But the truth is, I am finished pouring out my initial thoughts, which have accumulated during my slow, ongoing work on my photo essay. These ideas, thoughts, and experiences which have gradually gathered in my traveler's diary, are all out there in the various posts, and now it takes longer to add new crystalized ideas. What started as a strong, vivid wash of content has now turned into drips of brief, insightful reflections.

I realise that I am back to short flash insights in my head while my blog has gone silent again, waiting for a complete and polished idea. Writing complete ideas takes time - and if there is something i realised with the terrible war going on and on and on - is that now is the time.

If I wait any longer - again - there will be nothing left.

So I think my writing format and method will change from now on.

I am talking about sharing ideas, no matter how short.

Even if it just a begining of a thought. Maybe just foundations.

I will start writing these "shorts". I could always go back to them and develop them with new insights and conclusions as I go on.

Maybe readers comments can become helpful! insightful!

Maybe together we will be able to find the healthiest way to make sense of...well...stuff.

I already have 3 insightful "shorts"!...So I will add them separately and will see them "bake", "puff-up" and become a beautiful understanding.

Please feel free to add your comments and thoughts and insights I would love to turn a thesis to a synthesis! 🌻💫🫧

Noisy Bridge

With all the noise around it is getting harder to see the bigger picture. Time to move on with small steps. but "I got to keep on moving! 🎶🎶🎶🎶" 🌈

See you on my next shorty! ❤️‍🩹🌻🫧

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