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020~ Photography as an ultimate tool in workshops

Updated: Mar 20

One of the reasons photography is such an amazing tool, when used properly is it's amazing variety in application.

For so many of us, who are used to articulating our thoughts via the use of words, using a camera in order to convey an idea as a platform, suddenly opens us up to a new kind of observation, and as we hesitate to find the right phrase to come up with, we enhance our sensitivity, smashing the regular patterns of expression, we have sealed in our mind, regarding many issues, we have dealt with.

I like to call this - "The Cognition By-pass" method. I discovered this well into my work with kids and early teens, who were very fast in "saying" things, but when confronted with a question they had to answer with a camera and present a photograph - they reengaged their situation, and the answers would help them open up, again, in matters they have already well concealed and buried, somewhere in their back of their mind.

The possibilities are infinite and are all around us, when we are open to look and search for answers. simple image manipulation is accessible as it ever was, and enables to add more intention to our idea with the simplest editing tools available.

Photo by workshop participant - Associations

The other very strong feature I like to use is the "escape from the main topic, to a side topic..." meaning, and this is very intuitive and individual with each participant, which is - I can always shift from the idea, which can sometimes trigger a strong emotional response, to a technical side topic, helping the participant "catch a little breath of air" before diving back in, with renewed energy, to carry through the concept they have just come up with.

These two characteristics of my work with any audience is what makes this experience a win-win situation, as a by-product is to actually learn a new language (photography) and the means to use the camera, learning to utilise the machine.

Photo by workshop participant - Associations

This 12 year old girl found this engraved scratches representing the time left, and we discussed the messages some of the victims had left behind, on the train carts, or even in the death chambers.

Associations - Photo by workshop participant

This harsh image, started quite a difficult conversation, we conducted in the 15 year old class. when the conversation started going astray, I used the opportunity to discuss..."Composition Rule Of Thirds", to divert the attention to a more technical aspect, rather than emotional...just to let the ideas simmer down, gently, giving it some process time.

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